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JOB OPENING: National Advocacy Specialist, Amputee Coalition of America (Metro Center)

The National Advocacy Specialist will work with the Advocacy department help to educate activists and elected officials on the importance of the issues and take other actions to further the goals of the national prosthetic parity campaign. The National Advocacy Specialist will assist each state in the day to day operations of their parity campaigns. He/she will work with the National Advocacy Director to help design and implement organizing and communications strategies to further the success of the state campaigns.

Reports to: National Advocacy Director

Responsibilities: The advocacy specialist will assist in all aspects of the state by state campaigns.

• Administration:

o Maintain accurate files and financial records related to the state campaigns;
o Process requests for information and materials related to the state campaigns;
o Organize files;
o Work with the Field Organizer to manage the database;
o Assist legislative efforts by helping arrange meetings;
o Collect and compile information;
o Track legislation; and
o Prepare project reports and updates as directed.

• Fundraising:
o Help coordinate special appeals and events designed to raise funds for the campaign; and
o Support fundraising initiatives.

• Communications:
o Work with the National Advocacy Director to provide support for media outreach;
o Develop, draft and edit materials as needed, including web content, articles and print publications;
o Design and implement outreach strategies to build and enhance the state campaigns;
o Manage the “In Your State” webpage;
o Update content on the state parity blog; and
o Coordinate with the Field Organizer to distribute federal alerts to educate members, generate action, and increase event turnout.

• Volunteer Program
o Maintain accurate volunteer records;
o Recruit and engage new volunteers to help grow the program;
o Reach out to local and national sponsors for in-kind donations for incentive prizes;
o Develop a plan of action for each volunteer night to maximize attendance and assist with the state and federal program goals;
o Monitor, analyze and report on volunteer efforts;

• State Campaigns
o Work with the National Advocacy Director to develop the organizing and outreach strategies and campaign plan for each state;
o Support the state legislative efforts through strategic initiatives including letter to the editor campaigns, petition drives, in-district meetings and lobby days;
o Develop and maintain positive relationships with local organizations to maximize potential for collaboration; and
o Report progress on each state on a weekly basis.
• Internship Program:
o Recruit, hire and manage an intern to assist with the state and federal initiatives;
o Develop a work plan for the intern and manage their time to meet campaign goals;
o Cultivate various non-profits in the DC Metro area that offer internship programs;

• Other:
o Help to train the Field Organizer on administrative systems and provide back-up when needed;
o Participate in office strategy meetings; and
o Perform other duties and assist with additional projects as they arise.

Salary: Commensurate with experience. Standard ACA benefits package includes paid time off (PTO); health, dental, disability and life insurance; 401K; and paid holidays.

Details: While the ACA is headquartered in Knoxville, TN, this position will be based out of the Washington, DC office. The position requires some flexibility in terms of schedule basis. You may be required to travel or to work alternate hours based on project deadlines and events.

Submitting applications: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The search will close when a hire is made. Please submit a resume and cover letter with a salary range to Morgan Sheets, National Advocacy Director either through email, or fax 866.599.8994.

No phone calls, please. Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Only complete applications will be considered.

For more information on the ACA, please visit or check out our blog

Thank you for your interest.
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