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benefit show for The District Alliance for Safe Housing

From Katy Otto

A benefit show for an organization The District Alliance for Safe Housing - this groundbreaking organization is building a 36 unit apartment building as well as numerous housing resources for people fleeing domestic violence. I try to put something together for DVAM every October and I thought it would be great to have an event introducing this work to a lot of people I know. They are operating from a brave, empowering model.

St Stephens Church
7pm $6 all ages
Positive Force presents

The Guilt

Saturday Oct 4. Benefit for DASH

corner of 16th and Newton in NW DC - walking distance from the Columbia Heights metro.

On average it takes a person 6 times to leave an abusive partner. This isn't because people are not strong or smart. This is often because of a host of reasons - one of them being an inability to find housing away from an abuser. The more tools survivors have for charting their own lives and paths, the better their chances of escaping violence. This is all of our responsibility. This happens in our community. The backdrop of this is laid at parties where people lead a drunk girl down the hall without her consent. Or when someone blames a woman who stays with a partner who hits her. Every time we all sit silent, and don't examine our own role in holding up the structural underpinnings of a world that makes violence easier on some than others, we participate. Federal programming and funding, hotlines, ribbon campaigns - while important in their own right - will never shake the foundation of how violence against survivors is made possible.

Projects with the bravery and guts of DASH do. And they deserve our support.

If you can't come to the show Saturday, please consider making a donation to DASH in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you are free please join us at 7pm -

pls forward widely and hope to see you there. let me know if you have questions - and feel free to forward to press/blog folks.

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